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Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 Ludwig van Beethoven

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The Fifth symphony was finished in 1808, although its composition had occupied Beethoven's attention for many years before. The first two movements were written in 1805, and sketches for them have been found as early as 1800. At its first performance, at Vienna, Dec. 22, 1808, it was numbered on the programme as the Sixth; and the latter, the Pastoral, appeared as the Fifth. Both were finished in the same year, but the priority of the C minor is clearly established by Beethoven's own numbering in the autograph. Like the Sixth, it is dedicated to Prince Lobkowitz and Count Rasoumowsky, noble patrons of music, whose names are thus consigned to immortality.

Ludwig van BeethovenThe C minor symphony is probably the best known and most admired of the nine, perhaps because it is the most human in its qualities. Beethoven himself has left us a clew to its meaning, and with that clew nearly all critics have arrived at substantially the same decision, — namely, that it pictures the struggle of the individual with Fate, the alternations of hope and despair, and the final triumph, in contradistinction, for instance, with the motives of the ninth symphony, where the same struggle is fought, only upon the broader field of the world; where the triumph is the same, only it is the triumph of the universal brotherhood.

In speaking of the first four notes of the opening movement, Beethoven said, sometime after he had finished the symphony: "So pocht das Schicksal an die Pforte " (" Thus Fate knocks at the door "); and between that opening knock and the tremendous rush and sweep of the Finale, the emotions which come into play in the great conflicts of life are depicted.

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