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Garryowen (Cavalry Song) AUDIO

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Garry Owen “Garryowen" (Cavalry Song) Recorded by the U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band

The origins of Garryowen began in the late eighteenth century, when it was a drinking song in Limerick. It obtained popularity in the British Army through the 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers, who were garrisoned in Limerick and was played throughout the Napoleonic War, becoming the regimental march of the 18th Foot.

It became the marching tune for the US 7th Cavalry Regiment during the late 1800s. The tune was a favorite of General George Armstrong Custer and became the official air of the Regiment in 1867. According to legend it was the last tune played before the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

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Author: USAF Heritage of America Band
Keywords: Garryowen; 7th Cavalry; General George Armstrong Custer
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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