Sunday, June 6, 2010

God Bless America

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Music performed by: The Marine Band Parris Island.

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On October 28, 1915, the Department of the Navy officially transferred Marine Corps Recruit Training from Norfolk, Virginia to Parris Island, South Carolina. Among the first 750 Marines sent to Parris Island was the Depot’s first Band Master, Sergeant William Gauer. Along with the Drum Major, Sgt Anton Schnichowski, and a group of Marine Musicians, the Parris Island Marine Band was formed. Prior to the forming of this Band, musicians were being trained in their individual bands throughout the fleet. A field music school was established at Parris Island to train buglers, who were still being used for calls and signals. Musicians also doubled as Markmanship Instructors, Close Combat Instructors, and also provided support for various units on the Depot.

This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio
Artist/Composer: The Marine Band Parris Island
Keywords: God Bless America
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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