Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twenty Million Miles To Earth Trailer (1957)

Twenty Million Miles To Earth 512Kb MPEG4 format 7.96 mb Twenty Million Miles To Earth MPEG2 133 mb. Twenty Million Miles To Earth OGV format 7.52 mb which is a free, open standard container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The OGV format is unrestricted by software patents and is designed to provide for efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia. animated gif, 23 frames

Trailers for movies released before 1964 are in the Public Domain because they were never separately copyrighted. The law at the time granted the owner 28 years to file a copyright registration.

The trailer is published (run in a theater) before the movie itself is published. Thus, the trailer requires a separate copyright, and the scenes contained in the trailer are in Public Domain.

20 Million Miles to Earth is a American 1957 science fiction film written by Bob Williams and Christopher Knopf from an original treatment by Charlott Knight. it was developed to showcase the stop-motion animation talents of Ray Harryhausen.

This movie is part of the collection: SabuCat Movie Trailers
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

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