Sunday, October 4, 2009

Piping Aboard

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Bosun's Pipe, Piping Aboard with its distinctive low, high, low call. components of the whistle, the tube is known as the gun, the part which makes the sound is the buoy and the flat plate that holds the device together is the keel. It is suspended on a silver chain.

No self-respecting boatswain's mate would dare admit he couldn't blow his pipe in a manner above reproach. This pipe, which is the emblem of the boatswain and his mates, has an ancient and interesting history.

Boatswain piping

On the ancient row-galleys, the boatswain used his pipe to "call the stroke." Later because its shrill tune could be heard above most of the activity on board, it was used to signal various happenings such as knock-off and the boarding of officials. So essential was this signaling device to the well-being of the ship, that it became a badge of office and honor in the British and American Navy of the sailing ships.

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