Thursday, June 11, 2009

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Vocalizations

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The primary song of ALL Willow Flycatchers (of every subspecies) is referred to as fitz-bew. Fitz-bews can sound differently based on subspecies and geographic area (i.e., where in the U.S.), and can even be slightly different from one bird to another. However, although song pitch and length may vary somewhat, the basic song pattern is the same. Notice that a "breet" call is sometimes given between fitz-bews. Other vocalizations given on the breeding grounds include whitts (frequently used as an alarm call), brrr-kitters (an interaction call among flycatchers), and wee-os. All of these vocalizations can occur in combination, especially when a territorial flycatcher is agitated by an intruding flycatcher, a predator, or a cowbird.

Artist/Composer: U.S. Geological Survey
Keywords: Willow Flycatcher; Vocalizations; song; USGS
Creative Commons license: Public Domain


Anonymous said...

one of my favorites! i like the various vocalizations here. i had a ringtone that was strictly the fitz-bew. no breets or brrrs. thanks for this!

sookietex said...

yes it's a really beautiful recording. hats off to the usgs worker who captured it.

thanks for your visit and comment.

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