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Sioux ghost dance 1894 VIDEO

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Sioux ghost dance / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, W.K.L. Dickson. Title in Edison films catalog: Ghost dance. United States : Edison Manufacturing Co., [1894]. From Edison films catalog: One of the most peculiar customs of the Sioux Tribe is here shown, the dancers being genuine Sioux Indians, in full war paint and war costumes.

NOTES: Copyright: no reg. The Library of Congress Library is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17, U.S.C.) or any other restrictions in the materials in the Inventing Entertainment: The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies.

Licence: This media file is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. This applies to the United States, where Works published prior to 1978 were copyright protected for a maximum of 75 years. See Circular 1 "COPYRIGHT BASICS" from the U.S. Copyright Office. Works published before 1924 are now in the public domain.

According to Edison film historian C. Musser, this film and others shot on the same day (see also Buffalo dance) featured Native American Indian dancers from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, and represent the American Indian's first appearance before a motion picture camera.

Filmed September 24, 1894, in Edison's Black Maria studio. Camera, William Heise. Duration: 0:21 at 20 fps

Sources used: Copyright catalog, motion pictures, 1894-1912; Musser, C. Edison motion pictures 1890-1900, 1997, p. 125-26; Raff & Gammon. Price list of films, ca. June 1895, p. 2 [MI]; Edison films catalog, no. 105, July 1901, p. 41 [MI].

REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division Washington, D. C. 20540 USA. Suggested credit line: Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division.

Producer: Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Keywords: Sioux; ghost dance; 1894; Thomas A. Edison

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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