Saturday, November 29, 2008

Canada Geese Honking AUDIO

Title Canada Geese Honking Loud, Contact:; Description 15-second audio clip (mp3) of a flock of Canada geese honking - closeby and loud. Vocalizations.

Subject: Birds, Waterfowl. Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Type: Audio. Format: mp3. Source: NCTC Image Library. Language: English. Rights: Public domain. Audience: General. File Size: 252 KB. Original Format: Digital betacam. Length: 15 seconds.

Canada Geese Honking Loud 64Kbps MP3 128 kb, Canada Geese Honking Loud VBR MP3 254 kb, Canada Geese Honking Loud OGG format 154 kb which is a free, open standard container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The OGG format is unrestricted by software patents and is designed to provide for efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia.

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)Image Courtesy Public Domain Clip Art

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sweetshop18 said...

The Sound is NOT Canadian Geese.

sookietex said...

Hi sweetshop18. our source is U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. we're willing to make a correction if you can point us to the resource that says otherwise. thanks for commenting.

PS: the original resource may be found here:U.S.Fish and Wildlife Canada Geese Honking Loud

Anonymous said...

he's right, that is snow geese, not Canada's

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